Choosing the Right Net Wrap Size for Your Baling Needs

When it comes to baling hay, choosing the right bale net wrap size is crucial for efficiency and optimal bale protection. Net wrap plays a significant role in preserving the quality of bales, minimizing damage, and simplifying handling. Here's a brief overview of different net wrap sizes and their respective benefits:

Width Options

Net wraps typically come in 48, 51, 64, and 67 inches. The choice of width depends on the dimensions of your bales and the type of baler you will be using. For smaller bales, a narrower width will work better, while larger bales will require wider net wrap and longer net length to ensure proper coverage.

Standard Net Wrap Size

As mentioned above, the standard sizes range from 48 to 67 inches and these standard sizes are widely available and compatible with various baler models. They offer versatility and reliability for any size of baling operation. In all sizes, you can also usually get bulk pricing options in 8 rolls or 16 rolls. 

Smaller Rolls of NetWrap

Usually around 48 inches, these are ideal for smaller-scale baling operations and are convenient for farmers who don't require large quantities of net wrap or have limited storage space. They are cost-effective and offer ease of handling.

Larger Rolls for Bales

Typically around 67 inches wide, the larger rolls of width net wrap are designed for high-volume baling operations. They allow for faster baling speeds and reduced downtime due to fewer roll changes. They are preferred by commercial farmers and custom balers for maximum efficiency.


When selecting a bale wrap size, consider factors such as bale density, baler specifications, storage space, and budget. It's essential to choose a size that provides adequate end coverage and secure bale protection while maximizing operational efficiency.

The netwrap you choose plays a significant role in the success of your baling operation. By choosing the right net wrap size and quantity, you can enhance productivity, preserve hay quality, and optimize overall baling performance.

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