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The Heart of Our Support

In an ever-changing world filled with unknowns, Agriculture has kept true to itself by providing for the American people. We believe that Agriculture deserves a better option that’s easy to use, gives farmers the best prices, and gets them their supplies quicker than ever before—we want to provide for farmers, while they provide for America.

We know things have been done the same way for a long time, and change can be tough, but we aren’t trying to change things—we’re trying to catch up.

Technology has advanced quicker than Ag-Supply could, and we believe it’s time for that gap to be closed. New generations of farmers are joining the community every day, and most of those farmers started in High School.

From helping on the family farm, to starting an operation of their own, most of the new generation started in FFA. We want to foster growth in youth, and lead the new generation into a world where technology can help them succeed. The mission is simple: while FFA teaches its members to “learn to do, do to learn, earn to live, and live to serve”, we will be there to help them earn more, and support their service.

We want to foster growth in youth, and lead the new generation into a world where technology can help them succeed.
How We Support
National FFA Convention
Most people use trade shows to promote their brand, but we saw another opportunity. At the 2021 National FFA Convention, we gave away store credit to six different advisors, totaling $1,200. We met some great future farmers, gave away some awesome merch, and connected with a host of amazing people who are passionate about the future just like we are—but we saw a chance to give back even more.
Custom Net Wrap
As a sign of our support, we wanted to give farmers the opportunity to show their own. In league with the National FFA, we teamed up with Bale Tuff to create a custom patterned and labeled Net Wrap which boasts the strong & recognizable colors of FFA itself. Blue & Gold runs deep in our community, and now farmers all over the country have access to those colors to display for their community to see.
FFA Week Advisor
The Goal of the Fundraiser
FFA Week is a time of FFA celebration and activity. From driving tractors to school, to dinners, every school has it’s own way of celebrating. The idea of fundraisers in school clubs goes back decades, but FFA hasn’t seen any custom-built appreciation yet...until now. Our FFA Fundraiser aims to give back to every Chapter in the U.S., giving them the chance to raise money with no strings attached. Here’s how it works:
How to Participate
Step 1
Sign Up
The enrollment process couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is fill out our enrollment form. This gives us all the info we need to monitor your progress, celebrate your success, and send you a check. It really couldn’t be better.
Step 2
Get Updated
After you enroll, we’ll send you updates via email and in our Facebook Group. No shady marketing, no spam, just good information to help you succeed however we can. We’re here for you, and we want you to succeed!
Step 3
Receive Custom Promo Material
We’ll send you custom promotional material for free! We’ll take the information you provide during enrollment and create promotional material for you, free of charge. No fees, no cost—just easy promotion for you and your chapter members.
Step 4
Spread the Word
At this point, FFA Week is in full swing. Print out your promo material, make social media posts, hand out flyers, hang up posters—whatever you need to do to get the word out! The more people select your school in checkout, the more you’ll have on your check.
Step 5
Get Your Money
You’ve put in the work, handed out flyers, posted on social media, and now you deserve your reward. Everyone in the community selected your school—you did great! We’ll tally up how much was spent using your school’s name, and send you a check for 5% of the total. It’s that easy!
Signing Up for Next Year
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